DocRoSh Global Solutions® is committed to offering academic programs in conventional and emerging fields incorporating technology, research, and an interdisciplinary approach.

This academic endeavor will be supported by relevant co-curricular and extra-curricular activities inculcating life-skills, values and social accountability enabling learners to make meaningful contribution globally and promote high academic achievement for all students and professionals at all levels.

We have the Veterans, SME, KOL, and Leaders from Academia and institution worldwide to provide insides, guidance, and solutions.


Research Coordinator - Amity University, Noida, India;
Secretary – SPER;
Director – SPER Market Research Pvt. Ltd., India


Professor – Department Bhabha Pharmacy
Research Institute, Bhopal;
National Vice President- Human Rights, Delhi, India

Dr. Anant Patil

Associate Professor - D Y Patil University's School of Medicine, Navi Mumbai

Dr. Rakesh Somani

Principal - D Y Patil University's School of Pharmacy, Navi Mumbai

Dr. Ram Sahu

Associate Professor - Columbia Institute of Pharmacy