• Contract Research and Development

The pharmaceutical industry can leverage its competencies in outsourcing to accelerate time to market, improve quality and increase innovation at all stages of the Drug Development Process. The development of new drug molecules is expected to propel the demand for contract research organization (CRO) services. Research & Development is most important for achieving future growth and maintaining a relevant product in the market. We help clients incomplete research which ranges from pre-clinical development to the launch and marketing of the new products in the pharmaceutical industry. We have qualified people to work on your projects which will help you to focus on other activities. Development is when findings of research are utilized for the production of specific products including materials, systems, and methods.

• Formulation Development

Formulation development helps you to determine the optimal dosage form, the composition of the drugs and its manufacturing which helps you to get an idea of the complete procedure of product development. We understand the client’s requirement to develop formulations and meet the customer’s performance metrics. We have the right equipment, market-oriented facilities and a team of experienced specialists to help you to lead better. We assure excellent quality and a tested product for your customer’s satisfaction.

• Analytical Development

The main focus is on the development and validation activities of drug products which should not be neglected. While developing a product, various factors are taken into consideration. The maximum sample information should be taken care of for effective development in various applications. We help to reach your goals before the final development of your product.

• Stability Studies

Stability testing is important to ensure if the product is fit for human consumption or not. It assures the purity of the ingredients and decomposition rate is observed. Sometimes, physical, chemical and microbial properties changes because of long time storage. The stability of these products should be maintained. We try to help clients in finalizing the final product before export. If your customers are fit, you will surely reach your goal.