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Welcome to The Global Centre for Healthcare Excellence (GCHE)

About Us

At GCHE, we redefine education in healthcare, offering industry-oriented courses that empower students to excel in the dynamic and evolving healthcare industry, making a significant impact on patient care and outcomes.

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• Industry Training

There should be proper training given to the employees of the company. It can be related to manufacturing, preparation of medicines, its effects and also research in the respective industry. Our team of industry professionals will give you training in the subject which matters to you most. We are dedicated to providing customized industry training for skill development, training, workshops, conferences, etc.

We have trained thousands of employees till now who are at great heights now.

• Advanced Industry Programs

We train people according to industry standards which gives them real-time knowledge about the latest technologies in the pharmaceutical industry. The professionals should uplift their knowledge and should go on with the trend. We give industrial education to the people who will lead in the Pharma sector.

Advanced Industry Programs

• PGD in Drug Regulatory Affairs – Formulation (PGD- DRA-F)
• PGD in Drug Regulatory Affairs – API (PG-DRA- API)
• PGD in Drug Regulatory Affairs – Formulation & API (PG-DRA- F-API)
• PGD in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
• PGD in Pharmacovigilance (PGD-PV)
• PGD in Clinical Research (PGD-CR)
• PGD in Formulation Research & Development (PGD-FR&D)
• PGD in Analytical Research & Development (PGD-AR&D)
• PGD in Quality Assurance & Quality Control (PGD-QAQC)
• PGD in Intellectual Property Management (PGD-IPM)
• PGD in PharmacoEconomics
• PGD in Brand Management (PMT)
• PGD in International Marketing
• PGD in Sales Force Effectiveness
• Supports: Government of India Skill-Based Program


• Pharmaceutical Industry Orientation Program

• Project Management Certificate

Project Training

• Project Training Programs for Graduates and Post Graduates in various

• Skill Development training