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Contract Research

We refer to the clinical research where we provide support related to pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Clients usually outsource these research activities to save cost and time. We help clients in a complete research which range from pre-clinical development to the launch and marketing of the new products in the pharmaceutical industry. We have medically qualified people to work on your projects which will help you to focus on other activities.

Contract Manufacturing

We manufacture a wide range of quality products where clients do not have to worry about their manufacturing facilities, purchasing of raw materials, labour, etc. We produce products related to pharmaceutical industry like drugs or medicines on behalf of client. Outsourcing is the new way of doing business because of which the company can look after other services. We have professionals who look after this manufacturing process to serve you the best in the industry.


Clinical Supplies

We take care of your supply chain management system which includes manufacturing, packaging, pharmacy, quality, regulatory, clinical and analytics. We offer complete shipment process ranging from raw materials to worldwide distribution of drugs to the patients. The key factor of any product is its manufacturing and packaging which has a huge importance in today’s world. We care for patients as well as client which helps us to serve better to both of them.

Formulation Development

Formulation development helps you to determine the optimal dosage form, the composition of the drugs and its manufacturing which helps you to get an idea of the complete procedure of product development. We understand client’s requirement to develop formulations and meet customer’s performance metrics. We have the right equipment, market-oriented facilities and a team of experienced specialists to help you to lead better. We assure excellent quality and a tested product for your customer’s satisfaction.

Analytical Development

- The main focus is on the development and validation activities of drug products which should not be neglected. While developing a product, various factors are taken into consideration. The maximum sample information should be taken care of for effective development in various applications. We help to reach your goals before the final development of your product.

Stability Studies

Stability testing is important to ensure if the product is fit for human consumption or not. It assures the purity of the ingredients and decomposition rate is observed. Sometimes, physical, chemical and microbial properties changes because of long time storage. The stability of these products should be maintained. We try to help clients in finalizing the final product before export. If your customers are fit, you will surely reach your goal.

Regulatory Affairs

The job is to analyze data related to drug which was collected during discovery and development stage of the product which is beneficial to market it. Big companies have regulatory affairs department to provide solutions on difficult situations. We help clients, whether it is big or small, to collect data and market it accordingly to reach to your target audience. While a great experience in this sector, we assure you of having a successful business.

Medical Affairs

The job of medical affairs department is publication planning, in-house medical information, and health outcomes researchers. It is very important to keep coordination between field based and internal medical affairs. We take care of this department on your behalf, to work towards improving patient health on a large scale.

Clinical Affairs

Clinical affairs is a department which deals in expertise of the areas like medical information about patients, health care providers, etc. We provide clinical consultations to the companies who are related to this industry. Here, our team will help you in research activities and also in maintaining the relationship between key leaders and stakeholders.


It is a very important part in pharmaceutical sector as it is related to the safety of drugs/medicines. Right from its collection to manufacturing to its prevention, every step should be taken care of. The monitoring regarding safety of medicines is where Pharmacovigilance step in. Our professionals have experience since long time in Pharmacovigilance. We help to assess the quality of your products which eventually lead you to succeed.

Intellectual Property

A very important aspect in building company’s success as it is related to rules and regulations of pharmaceutical products. You should be aware of the damage if you fail in succeeding to maintain IP. IP’s are the laws which gives access to the organization to make investments while developing new technologies. Our experts will provide you all the details regarding it, so that you can make your product a better one than others.

Audits and Compliance

Proper audits, which means, the company’s compliance with pharmaceutical USFDA GMP regulations should be properly followed. You should not disobey the rules set in the quality system. The audits can be an internal audit or external audit based on the company. Our audit experts will help you to audit, keeping in mind the regulations mentioned by the pharmaceutical industry.

Qualification and Validation

Validation should be done before a product launch which ensures you that product will fetch good results after a successful launch. The data is collected and analyzed to check how it will perform. Qualification has been an important part of the pharmaceutical industry to ensure high-quality products. Both, validation and qualification is necessary to yield a great product. Our quality assurance experts will be helping you in this to validate your product and also in building quality products.


There should be a proper training given to the employees of the company. It can be related to manufacturing, preparation of medicines, its effects and also research in respective industry. Our team of industry professionals will give you training in the subject which matters you most. We have trained thousands of employees till now who are at great heights now.

Industrial Education

We train people according to industry standards which gives them the real-time knowledge about the latest technologies in the pharmaceutical industry. The employees should uplift their knowledge and should go on with the trend. We give industrial education to the people who will lead in the Pharma sector.

Information Technology Lifesciences

The IT field related to pharmaceutical will help you to overcome the challenges in the drug development. It helps you to maximize the production rate eventually. Life science and pharmaceutical sector will provide you the highest level of precision and also provide a good response in managing the assets. DocRoSh will help you in monitoring products and can also provide strategies to boost you sales.

Corporate Strategy

The corporate decisions may sometimes will have a great effect on the entire organization, whether it’s good or bad. It is treated as a best strategic initiative in Pharma industry. Our goal is to help clients choose the right path for their improvement in the industry. We try to multiply the company’s value by providing them the correct corporate strategy.

Project Management

Pharmaceutical companies are searching for new ways to develop a product before the other company does. Project management has a great value in increasing the success rate of product or service. It focuses on product identification to manufacturing till its final launch. DocRoSh helps in monitoring the product from one phase to another and also take care of its planning, tracking and costing. We assure discipline in our projects from start to end.

Business Development

We help to develop and find a growth opportunity to our clients. Business development is very necessary for an organization to lead and to catch an investor’s eye. It will help you to expand in other possible directions and to be a future leader in the industry. We have a record of collaborating with other sectors in the world for the betterment of your company and to the partner. We develop a quite efficient presence in the industry to reach their goals.


Commercialization of a product is very important but it is a complex process. It requires collaborating with the payers, stakeholders, partners to make a value of your product in the market. You can majorly fall if you don’t commercialize a product properly. Traditional method of commercializing won’t work now. Our experts try to reach every individual in the market to influence about your product. We develop latest commercialization model as per client’s requirement and try to reach their targets.

Operational Excellence

- We try to enhance your business growth by lowering extra costs and increase productivity. We ensure your continuous improvements in Pharma industry which are a class apart and above all the leading holders. We will help you in managing cost, quality and time and at the same time focusing on customer’s needs. Today, operational excellence holds an important factor in the pharmaceutical industry.

Market Research

Market research includes collection of data, recording it and analyzing in a systematic way to build a successful business. It is very important to research before making a final launch. Our market research professionals will try to find the data under your niche which eventually will help you to look after other services. We have the best team to cater for our clients.


The marketing is very necessary in any industry. It helps you to reach to the target audience and eventually make a sale. We are an expert in marketing sector with a clear understanding of influencing people under your niche. We develop marketing plans before-hand which saves time to work on other sectors. We now provide latest marketing strategies while others are still on the traditional side.

Brand Management

Reputation of your brand is an important aspect to keep you going on in the industry. Your brand will be the first face before thinking of your service. The leaders in the market are paying heavily to keep up with the class of their brand. We consider your brand as our brand, which eventually helps you to create an impact in the market. We consider competitors while developing brand management plans and act on it accordingly.

Events and Conferences

There are various events happening daily in the pharmaceutical sector. We help to organize the events and conferences as per your needs. We have proved it many times to be a global leader in the market.